Manav Parivar’s Medical Camp Visit


I like to share here, I am going to give my service for one every good humanitarian activity. I am going tonight at Village Matar, Dist. Kheda,Gujarat.

The above site is location for Shree Baldevdas Charitable Trust’s Manav Parivar medical camp. I come to know that they are organizing medical camp twice a month, that’s every 2nd and 4th Sunday of month. As tomorrow is 4th Sunday of the money, they have camp.

I also come to know that they have around 9000 patients and they do everything free. So, I am curious to visit them. They also give food to more than 15000 people.

I m going there and will put my experience on Monday with pictures.


37 responses to “Manav Parivar’s Medical Camp Visit


    I am SHRIKANT homoeopathic medical student I like to attend your camp any where in maharashtra in month july -august 20008 plz give more information about camp.

  2. I have vitiligo, when do you have camp in Ahemdabade, so i can come to cure the vitiligo, or lucadurem. Do you have a medication for that.

  3. Do You have cure for Vitiligo, or lukaderm.

  4. Dear Raksha,

    Yes, we do have vitiligo treatment at our medical camp. you can visit us for your vitiligo or lukaderma problem.


  5. dear sir,
    greeting from west africa ghana, please sir iam
    a young guy from volu NGO and the same iam a member
    of volu voluntery workcamp association of ghana and
    i want to know ur when your promgen be starting
    becousei want to voluntry in ur ngo, and the same time
    know more about the aim , we want to have relationship
    with your ngo,and know more about your camps?
    well the aim of volu is to bring together all people
    in interested in voluntry and has establis hed itself
    as one of the the key voluntary youth ogaization in
    ghana it has organized over 400 workcamp and the smae
    time in-comegenerating activity projects for rural por
    , need and opperssed childer and oprhans in
    collaboration of other ngo we hepl implaemen,
    is was foundatoin in september in 2000we i will be
    staring our peoje in may to dec,, each year
    40 camps most camps are held driund the summer vaction
    hope to here from u ,
    your albert bekoe awuku,

  6. Hi, I am a pre-medical student from nj,usa. I am planning on coming to Gujarat, India in feb of 2009 to March 2009. If there are any medical camps that are being held during that period of time (anywhere in gujarat) please inform me about it. I would love to help out in any possible way that I can. Also, it would a great experience for me as a pre-medical student. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

  7. Dear Hiral, thanks for showing your interest in manav parivar’s medical camp. you are well come to visit the free medical camp. for Feb, March and April, manav parivar is going to help medical camp on following dates.

    Feb-09—–8th & 22nd.
    March-09——-8th & 22nd.
    April-09———12th & 26th.

  8. Hi !
    I live in Italy. My daughter has vitiligo. I visited manav parivar’s medical camp.I am very pleased with the treatment.I must say best treatment for vitiligo.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi,
    Mane 10 yrs thi vitiligo no problem chee..

    cheela 8 month thi hoon Bhuj-Kutch thi Matar

    Apna Medical Camp ma Medicine Lau chooo..

    Mane bhauj Faydo Thayal Chee…

    Bhagwan Manaseva karvani Shakti Aape



  10. Dear Sir,

    I stay at mumbai and has been affected with Vitiligo from last 5 years.

    I have visited Matar in month of March 2009 and has started taking med, and I have now full faith on Matar Manav Medical Camp and I have one question kindly suggest for the same:
    I am applying cream on all parts of my skin where Vitiligo has been affected, my doctor told me there would be side-effect on the skin, or it would be possible that for short time Vitiligo may disappear and then may be after stoping applying of cream Vitiligo may come again.

    So kindly let me know the fact I am much worried about my Vitiligo and ready undergo all the possible medecation to get cured.


  11. hi, i m writing from uk , i heard fr my friend about the camp.

    i m suffering with psoriasis and i been told that medicines fgiven from camp really dose work,
    so could u please give me beat information about treatment and when this camp are secheduled in next month,,

    thanking you..

  12. dear sir
    i have a friend visitng india from u.s. from 3 jan-10 to 8-jan-2010. pls. let me know if there r some camps around. she is keen to give her services. pls. reply soon.

  13. Dear Jayni,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Manav Parivar is having medical camp on Jan 10, 2010. For your information- They always have free medical camp on 2nd and 4th sunday of every month.
    you can pass this information to your friend.
    if you have any other question, you can ask me again.

  14. Dear Kaushal,

    Manav Parivar is having free medical camp on 2nd and 4th sunday of every month.

  15. Hi
    I am having vitiligo since 10 yrs. Can it be cured at manav parivar kemp. Also, i saw that they hve cllinic in ahmedabad but they have camp in Matar. So do they check the patient at both the place or any specific. Is it ayurvedic or alopathic

    Thanks for your information.


  16. Would like to visit for my self and my daughters can i know , can we take prior appointment as we are coming from Mumbai , or shall we make some arrangement for accommodation . By what time it starts and when does it closes , Any specific timings ? Can you please make all things clear as i am coming for the first time .

  17. Can i know the How to reach there , best option , can i drive from Mumbai ? which route do you suggest if so . If by train which one would be the best option .

  18. I am also suffering from vitiligo and i came to know that u treat the vitiligo patients. I also heard that the patient who suffering from any of the disease like vitiligo or lukaderma problem u cure it through prasad and medicine please i am in big tension and always in worry how to cure my vitiligo.

  19. Hi,

    I would like to know that is it possible to cure the disease like Vitiligo and I have doubt that my daughter is also suffering from Vitiligo so can you please advise that how far is possible to cure vitiligo please reply as soon as possible

  20. hi

    I want to arrange the free medical camp in mumbai slum area

    can u help me



  21. bhavesh rajput

    thnks for you have organised free medical camp at matar for those suffring from skin deases and they have relief from your treatment i m also coming there every month for my wife. again thanks my no. is 9825048086

  22. praful shah

    hi i came to your camp in march 2010 from london
    i was given medication and within 30 days my spots disappeared
    thank you
    praful shah london

  23. dear dhirendrabhai

    my is prashant i came to the camp in july 11 this year ,i told the docter i came from new zealand and i only got the medicine for time docter gave.
    the medicine is working,
    but how do i get medicine as iam in new zealand,iam only 15 years .
    thank you prashant

  24. Do you have any eye camp scheduled between December 20 to 31, 2010? If yes, can you please send me info regarding how to participate as a volunteer?



  25. Shobhna Savjani

    The Medicine (Cream and Table) That You Have Given Is Not Working. My Skin Condition Is Still The Same.
    Please Reply As Soon As Possible.

  26. Sir,we want reach over there in medical camp on comming 4th sunday from us ,is there any direct tranportaion ?


  27. Dear Sir,
    I am writing from UK and had been to india last month. I am suffering from Virtiligo since I was 7 for last 33 years. I was told there is no cure for this disease. This time on my trip my friend told me about your service and treatment. I would like to visit your camp because new spots seem to appear on my body and I am really depressed. Can I get treated if I come down? Do I have to keep coming down to Gujrat every 2 months for more treatment? Please can you suggest something so I can plan another trip to India soon!! Thankyou!

  28. Respected Manav Parivar Trustee & Voluntary

    I would like to congratulates and thanks to all might god who has given enough courage to serve the duty for this noble cause. This is really a outstanding or I can say extremely social cause without selflessness. When I saw this at 1st time I surprised to see the crowed of patients at there. I pray to god and hope this will be definitely change a revolution in the present senerio.

  29. I live in USA and am suffering from symmetric vitiligo spots all over my body, face, chest and limbs which nothing so far has been able to stop or reduce. I heard today from a patient who benefitted from your camp, about the miracle cures available at Matar (2nd and 4th Sundays), and am eager to visit your camp. Please provide me some timings, travel directions and what facilities are available in Matar. Thanks!

  30. Kindly contact them.

  31. Please contact them. Not here on my blog.

  32. Pratibha Sharad Bahulkar

    Hello Dhirendra Sir,
    January 2012 ,I have visited and also registered my name into ur database.
    I realy surprised to see valienteers and doctors teamwork.
    I am suffered from vitiligo. can u give me some inoformation regarding how can i know which month u call me .can u give me details .
    My name is Pratibha Bahulkar and my registration no is 5500.
    Sorry i am troubling u…but i realy eagerly waiting ur call
    please inform me as early as possible..
    warm regards
    Pratibha Bahulkar

  33. Smita Johnson Gonsalves

    Dhirendra I visited Matargaon for treatment as I am a Vitiligo patient on 2nd Saturday of January but I was denied entry to the camp by some volunteers. There I filled one form for registration (No.S.115). Do you have any idea when they will call me for treatment ?

  34. Dear Smitaji,
    Till today they have not started new patient. As per their system, they are going to inform those patients whos turn will be there….so, wait for your turn, that’s what i should say to you.

  35. Dear Pratibhaji,

    Till this moment, they have not started new patients. Once they will start they are going to inform patiens as per their turn.

  36. Smita Johnson Gonsalves

    Thank you.

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