Dhirendra @ Manav Parivar_ 01-30-09


I m 36yr male from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I m person who like to lead people. I like to do volunteering a lot. It’s my hobby.  If we talk about my professional part than i m person related with HRM and Finance. I m positive person and prefered positive type of people.

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  1. First of all, i am congratulating you for that. Few persons can think of what u are doing now. I know with this u can help a lot of people…..needy people. God is using you to help others. This good intention of yours will surely widen. Many will be proud of you………..Keep it up………..PARI IS VERY PROUD OF YOU !!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, I’m from a travel company and would like to send you an email interview regarding volunteering. Can you email me? Thanks.

  3. I just read some of your blog there and i m impressed with that. You can help other people. I hope i can join your medical camp visit. I am also willing to do that kind of volunteering activities. Keep it up and you will help a lot of people. Im sure someday that your medical mission will be widen….Congratulations !!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Dhirendra jee,

    Nice to know about your work. . . . .
    Wo jina bhi kya jo bas apno ke lie ho,
    jara jee ke to dekho unke lie. . .
    My good wishes are with you. . .

    Dr.Abhay Kr.
    Dept. of Surgery,

  5. Dear dhirendraji ,

    i want to take some personal information about the peoples who social works in Jammu region ,

    waiting for reply


  6. please
    can i have a talk with dhrendra bahi get me your mobile / tel nos

  7. Hello Dhirendra bhai ji


    My child of age 13 has vitiligo since about seven years and have gone through each stream of medicine but no joy so far.

    Going through some of the postings, I see some concern from others that the cream being dispensed does cover-up patches but then it recurr as soon as you stop using cream, is that correct ?

    How many cases you know that have been cured and hasnt reccurr ? and how long it takes ?

    Please give us honest answer. we want to be absolutely sure before we embark on medication being given at Manav parivar as we are looking for a long term solution.

    I am in UK and am planning to come for 10th January camp with my daughter.

    You may choose to email me directly.

    With warm regards,

  8. Hi there Dhirendra,

    My name is Malcolm Scovil and I’m looking for different people to be Ambassadors for LeapAnywhere.com in India. I came across your blog and must say you are quite an inspiring chap!

    We are looking for people like you to help us expand into India. I have summarised the Ambassador programme here on our site:


    The role would require about 3 hours of your time each week and helping to get other people in Gujarat onto LeapAnywhere and going to volunteering and charity events.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,


  9. Hello Dhirendra

    Please could you advise me if vitiligo can be cured at your camp and how long a person has to live at the camp. I live in UK and would like to come down to your camp. I have had vitiligo for 12 years.



  10. Pls email me with your comments of my email I sent earlier to you.

    Thanks & Regards


  11. Hello dhirendra,
    I am also from Uk as I have read the blogs of so many desperate people trying to get cured of this disease. Please can you help me with some more information. Can I get subsequent medication once i come and see the doctors there because someone told me that you get medicines only if you come to Manav in person but for me its too far and expensive. I actually have just returned from india and was trying to come to Nediyad but was told that the camp is only on 2nd and 4th Sunday every month so could not do the trip this time. I am suffering from the last 35 years my friend so any help will be much appreciated!

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