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Free Dinner for Homeless Family

Good morning friends,

I want to share you what I’ve been through when I joined the free food distribution for the homeless family by a good samaritan.  I am with the team of volunteers from Manavparivar who gave food to the people who lived in the footpath.  They are  homeless.  It’s nice to see them after giving some food.  Smile are all their reply with us.

I have compiled the pictures I took when I’m there.  I want to share you all.

Listen to the music while you are watching.  You will feel them!

2nd Sunday of the Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar, Matar

Delhi Doctors in Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar, Matar

Good morning friends, 

It was a wonderful day yesterday in our Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar.  More than 8,500  patients went there.    But even a lot of patients who went there, we accommodate them all.  It’s a great  feeling  help other people especially seeing their smiling face after they were attended.  A big SMILE on their faces is a big compliment to our effort for helping them .  We see to it that all are well attended there.  We prepare food for the people there.  Everyone were all busy in their corresponding area.  A team of doctors from Delhi visited the camp to observe.  They observe the event there.  It’s really a great day for us there.

Today, I will be leaving the office early to distribute some food for the homeless people.  Our helping to other people don’t end in our Free Medical Camp, we also made sure that we can help others.  As much as we can, we want to help everyone not only patients.  Many needed a help.  So we are trying to give that.

Free Food for homeless people in Ahmedabad

Good Morning friends, 

I join a team of volunteer who were distributing free food to the homeless people in Ahmadabad from manavparivar. They were having Khichadi with them. They found 3 kids on street and when they ask them “do you want to eat?” they were so happy that time. I think it was happiest moment to see those people smiling with the view of food for them. 

As it was outside and night time the picture was not clear but I still want to capture that in camera and I take following two pics. See the smile and happiness on the faces of these kids. I think this is best way to do charity. I am glad to do such nice activity as volunteer.