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Sign Board and Token Cards used by Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

The sun was shining through the campus of Manav Parivar when I’m looking around.  I walked here and there in the area.  I noticed a sign board.


Sign Board @ Manav Parivar

This is a sign board about the L@MP.  It is the information about the Learn @ Manav Parivar.  Expert teachers from Ahmedabad are giving their free service to the people who want to learn.  All the students who attended the Class-XII classes are learning science/commerce course.


L@MP students

This is the group of students who are taking the course of science and commerce.  If you will visit the Manav Parivar, you can see those students who are very willing to learn.  They took the chance to study for free.

After looking with those students, I walked around in the other vicinity of the Manav Parivar campus.  Manav Parivar had put their schedules throughout the year.  


Sign Board @ Manav Parivar

In this picture you will see the dates for the year 2010.  Manav Parivar made a very big board just to know all who will go there the Medical camp dates which they are doing Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  It was intentionally done by Manav Parivar so that the patients can take note the dates for the medical camp service.  At the bottom of this big board it says there “instructions for patients.”  Patients who reached here before 11-00 are eligible to get a token.  As many don’t know about this token, it is an entry pass reflecting their department as well as the ID.


Different Kinds of Entry Cards

This is the sample of the entry pass that you can see with the patient.

Maybe this will be all today.  See you again …