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Happy मकर सक्रांन्ति

               हर पतंग जानती है,

            अंत में कचरे मे जाना है

            लेकिन उसके पहले हमे,

          आसमान छूकर दिखाना है ।

       *” बस ज़िंदगी भी यही चाहती है “*

      *🎀happy मकर सक्रांन्ति adavance 🎀*



Counselling at Manav Parivar Medical Camp @ Matar


Seva For Inner Peace

Seva For Inner Peace

Daytime intake, Free Lunch


Volunteering at manav parivar matar

Volunteering at manav parivar matar

Counseeling with Vitiligo Patient at Manav Parivar’s medical camp at matar.

Counselling at Manav Parivar matar



Volunteering activity is part of day to day life. As part of that, doing counselling at manav parivar matar medical camp. For Vitiligo patients stress free day to day life is very much important.

i am trying to help them to become stress free.

Happy Holi

Happy Holi

volunteers on utarayan_2012

Team of manav parivar volunteers enjoying on Utarayan_2012.