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is this volunteering?

Good Morning friends,


How you define volunteering? Majority of people might come up with answer that when we help someone physically than it is going to consider volunteering. I do agree with this meaning of volunteering.


I like to share this live event which happens between me and my friend. It was Thursday evening.  I come to know on Wednesday that one of my friends who face a big loss in stock market is mentally disturb and he is under depression. I decided to spend my Thursday evening with him. I finish my work at office early and I went to him. When I see him I found him like a live dead body. He was not react my presence. I talk with him and he was not replying nor expressing any expresson with my talk to him. I thought and tell my self that time this is the time when he needs me more. I must stay with him.


I started talking with him with he being non responsive. In an  hour he started giving me response. It takes me 4 hour to bring him back to normal mind condition but thank god I was able to do that. It really long story what I talk and how I talk. At end he was ok and normal. Than I say good night to him and back home. When I was in bed I was thinking what we should call to what I did?


A human was in need of another human- a human spend time with another human with positive thought in mind, isn’t its Volunteering? I like to ask my reads too, what you call the thing I did. Does it volunteering or charity?

Volunteering for Puppy

Good Morning friends

On the New Year day that is yesterday we found a new born puppy and we all exited to take care of him. We all become volunteers to feed him, protect him and help him. Look at the following pictures.