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Visit to Kankaria-1

Good Evening friends,

Last day of year 2008.  me and my other volunteers friends were together last night. We have visited Kankaria Lake. It was excellent parasailing at night. Me and my friends were exited to view it. At night we show the advertising balloons. One of my friend says that it look like advertising blimps. Those balloons look so different in the night time with multi colored on it.


When adventurer Y Srinivasa Rao from Indian Parachuting Federation (IFP) donned the parachute at 7 pm on Tuesday night, he was attempting to create history. And despite lack of wind, he created a record of successfully completing aqua sailing at night at Kankaria Lake. Last time parasailing was done at night was around 10 years ago in Agra, but done on land.


There were more than 50000 people at night who were viewing them and their performance. Powered by Mercury115 boat and guided by PS Mehta from IPF and MF Dastoor, assistant chief fire officer, AMC, Rao performed a feat which was witnessed by over 50,000 people. “With almost no wind, it was like going against nature. But, due to our experience we managed a successful show without injuries,” said Mehta, boat in-charge, after the night-ride. We even see big balloons. My friend ravi told me that in the USA people use helium balloons in such public gathering.

A qualified mountaineer and ex-Air Force employee, 38-year-old Y Srinivasa Rao’s happiness knew no limits after being part of a historic moment. “It was a gamble to do parasailing at night without wind. An little extra stretch of run inflated parachute and lifted me,” said Rao after getting out of the rescue boat.  We talked more on our visit to Kankaria in next post.