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Free Food for homeless people in Ahmedabad

Good Morning friends, 

I join a team of volunteer who were distributing free food to the homeless people in Ahmadabad from manavparivar. They were having Khichadi with them. They found 3 kids on street and when they ask them “do you want to eat?” they were so happy that time. I think it was happiest moment to see those people smiling with the view of food for them. 

As it was outside and night time the picture was not clear but I still want to capture that in camera and I take following two pics. See the smile and happiness on the faces of these kids. I think this is best way to do charity. I am glad to do such nice activity as volunteer.

Watching everyone!

Good day to everyone.  I’m here again.  Not for long time waiting, the prayer will start soon.  While I’m  waiting for the prayer function to start, I sit in one corner near the entrance and I feel good when I saw people were keep on coming to attend that prayer function.  There were a bunch of families coming, together with their children.  It’s a nice feeling that when it comes to that kind of function everyone have the same thoughts about praying.

Others who came early were talking  even if they don’t know each other.   Kids were playing and they were all very happy as we  gave them chocolates and candies.  I saw some parents had a bit of chocolate of their kids.  It’s a nice feeling watching those people.  As if they don’t have encounter problems.

I’ll be going for now, as the prayer function will start.  See you again.

Gather your thoughts, learn to focus-1

We let scatter our mental energy in random thoughts; so we find it difficult to tread the spiritual path of meditation.


It has been the experience of many seekers that as soon as they sit in meditation, all sorts of turbulent thoughts occupy their mind as a result of which they are forced to abandon meditation. This happens because of the deep-rooted tendency of the mind to dwell upon worldly objects.


It is, therefore, important that a point of focus is provided to the mind that could help harness thoughts, giving them a new, inward direction. Sages had evolved certain mantras or holy syllables whose sound vibrations have the potency of creating an ambience that is conducive to entering into deep meditation.


Swami Muktananda, on the basis of his personal experience, spoke in glowing terms about the efficacy of the panchakshari , the five-lettered mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, in inducing seekers to spontaneously delve into deep meditation. The five syllables of this mantra na, ma, shi, va and ya are the bij-aksharas or seed-letters of the five elements of creation; earth, water, fire, air and ether, of which our body is made. Flesh represents the earth; blood represents water; the body heat that helps in digesting food represents fire; the prana or life-giving force represents air; and the mind represents ether.


Constant repetition of these holy syllables, either verbally or mentally, generates powerful spiritual vibrations that render the mind pure and one-pointed, directing it inwards, leading ultimately to the awakening of the Kundalini, the spiritual energy, that lies dormant at the base of the spine, the muladhar, in each individual. more….