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Talk on Mailing List


Good Morning friends, I was sitting with my team of volunteers and pari ask me what is mailing list? I tell him a mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients. Different types of mailing lists are available in the markets for example mortgage mailing list, mobile user mailing list, credit card user mailing list, mailing leads etc. Users can use such mailing list and send them materials. There are many companies in the market who provides quality mailing lists, marketing lists and direct marketing solutions to businesses.

Mailing list is having another important side and that’s call listwashing. Majority of people are not aware with these. Listwashing is the process through which individual entries in mailing lists are removed. People who not want to be a part of mailing list are being removed with this action. Majority of time mails receive using such mailing lists always have unsubscribed link in email. Complainants are removed via listwashing.

Email marketing is key part of online business. People sending online business newsletters or emails need to have such mailing marketing list with them. I like to say that email marketing is a paper free, so we can call it green too. Many of my volunteer friends were happy with what I explain them in minimum words.

World Peace Prayer day – 30th jan, 2008

Hello all,

i have visited Manav Parivar’s 30th Jan, 2008 program. It was called  ” Vishwa Shanti Prathana Divas (world Peace Prayer Day). The functions was in two part. one was prayer which was schedule from 9-00 am to 12-00 pm. second part of it was Batuk Bhojan (Free food for children).

As per their data, they are given food to more than 12000 kids of around 75 + schools in surrounding areas of Matar village. The kids were from Nursery to Std.XII.  It was so nicely organized. I love to be there for 5 hours.  They have put their pictures on their site. and in photo gallery there is link for 30th jan, 2008 pic.

i like to upload few pictures here too.

Free Food for all kids and children on world Peace Prayer Day    Free Food for all kids and children on world Peace Prayer Day-1 Free Food For all kids and children on World Peace Prayer Day -2

Free Medical Camp near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Hello friends,

it was second sunday of December on 9th, so  i went to visit manav parivar’s free medical camp. i have pictures too with me this time. it was exclent experience to visit it. i come to know that this time they have 9000+ patients.  it’s so nicely organizer and managed.

will come up with pictures….. 





Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp visit- 25/11/07


25th November, 2007 is 4th Sunday of month. I am again going to matar tonight and will going to share my experience in next week.  last time also i visited  Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp Visit-11/11/07.



Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp visit-2

Hello Friends,

Today is New Year day here. I start my day with prayer. Than i go mahurat of my business., Now again I am going to Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp. Today is holiday here, so i am going from after noon and will back tomorrow evenig.