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Lunch Area @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

These are the things you will see when you visit Manav Parivar.  These are the routines when there is a medical camp there.  A lot of things to see there.


Huge crowd of patients

Like with this picture, you can see the patients and their relatives who fall in line and are going for their lunch. 


Fresly cook food @ Manav Parivar

This are the volunteers who gave freshly cook food to all who were there.  Manav Parivar feed the people there even if they are not the patient.  All who went there don’t go back home without eating.  The moment you are there, all are provided.

Next time i will show you some other place there at Manav Parivar.

In the Kitchen @ Matar

I’m here now in the kitchen. We have big space there for preparing the foods for the people.  Look at those man working there.  It’s not easy to prepare and cook food for more than 12,000 people.  But with all the efforts and coordination of everyone, I’m sure that everybody will enjoy their lunch tomorrow.



This is just the start of this cooking  activities.  We cook there enough food for the whole.  After this, I will go to other place and I will take a picture there and render also my help.  I want everything in place when the prayer function will begin.