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Patients @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends.

Been a long time not to share any as a bit busy with all the activities which Manav Parivar undergo.  But I’m glad that I’m back now again and excited to share again all what the organization took part.


At Manav Parivar

Hundreds of people waiting for their turn to be treated by the special doctors under a proper shelter.  There were Hundreds of them waiting to be cured at the Manav Parivar Medical Camp.


At Matar

In this picture, you can still see many patients waiting in the line to get their names to be called and the corresponding numbers provided to them in the special cards which were entered in the software.  

This is the way Manav Parivar managed those thousands of patients so to have a good way and good coordination of everyone.


Eye Department in Free Medical Camp @ Manav Parivar, Matar

Eye Department @ Manav Parivar

Good  morning friends, 

This is the Eye Department in our Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar, Matar.  A person sitting with glasses in box is one of the volunteer.  He is the one responsible for the giving of the eye glasses for those patients who needed.  They have eye glasses from 4 to 12. The organization  gave it for free.  

The  people standing there were all patient who were waiting to get their turn to be check up.  They have a lot o supplies for everyone.