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Volunteers in the Kitchen of Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

This is the kitchen area which you will find inside the campus of Manav Parivar.  The organization provided not only the kitchen area.  They make all the area available for everyone specially for all the patients who visited there every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.   Manav Parivar is having this free medical camp for all the patients who went there for treatment.  That’s where Manav Parivar is good.


At Manav Parivar

These were all volunteers.  All of them helped each other to prepare food for all who are there in the medical camp.  While patients were being treated, this volunteers made sure that the food will be ready to serve before lunch in time for the lunch break. 


At Manav Parivar

These volunteers were not familiar with one another, but they talked with each other as they’ve known theirselves for a long time.  These volunteers came from different places.  They give their free service for the benefit of all there.  Each and everyone of them has the important role in the kitchen.

Nice to look at them when they cooperate with each other.  See you next time … 🙂 

Kitchen Volunteers in Manav Parivar @ Matar

Good morning friends,

I showed you before some activities done in the kitchen in Manav Parivar.  This Time I am emphasizing you the volunteers there.  How they worked well.  They have been doing their work in the kitchen every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month where in medical camp is operated.

Group of Female Volunteers


You can see here  one part of the kitchen.  More than 70 female volunteers at a time  preparing roti for patients who visited in Manav Parivar at Matar.  Lunch was given free to all.  More than 425 kg wheat flour being used every time they make roti.



Working Volunteers


A near view of female volunteers who prepared roti.  You can see how they worked well together.  They all seem to be well known of preparing roti.  That’s why every medical camp service that Manav Parivar has, they are always present to give their service to people.


Another Group of Volunteers



Another group of female volunteers who are preparing Roti also.  As you can see in this picture they are applying Pure Ghee on Rotis.  They are expert in doing it.  They did it well. 




Volunteer Working Alone

In this portion of the kitchen you can see huge size buckets.  This is where the quantum of food is being prepared. You can see one female volunteer who are working well even if she is alone in the place.  This is where I have good words with the volunteers who helped in the kitchen.  Because kitchen department is one of the important area provided by Manav Parivar . 



Male Volunteer

While in this picture you can see also a male volunteer who prepared rice.  He was also alone in doing the work.  I have always notice this kind of people that even they are alone doing one work, they can do it alone.  Big quantity of rice is being cooked as many patients came to medical camp which is organized by Manav Parivar.




Two Female Volunteers


In this picture you may ask what are those machines doing there.  That is Atta Kneading Machine.  It’s a Cutting Machine.  As you can see here two female volunteers are doing this work. 




At Manav Parivar,  they provide free lunch for more than 15,000 people.  So every kitchen volunteers did their work very well.   I admire those volunteers there. 

Cooking Preparation in Free Medical Camp @ Manav Parivar, Matar

Good morning friends,

It was having great time in the Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar.  There was a very huge crowd of patients.  Everybody was busy with their own corresponding works.  I was observing all of them at a time.

I went to kitchen department and look what they are doing and how they are cooking. 


Big Container for the Cooking of Food @ Manav Parivar

This is big container where food was cooked.  They are just started to prepare everything before the start of the cooking.


Raw Food for Cooking @ Manav Parivar

As you can see a container of foods which were ready to be cooked.  Everything there was in order.  They follow all the step by step preparation to result it in a perfect way.  There were still a lot of preparation and cooking before it reached the end.


Cooking Started @ Manav Parivar

In here, you can see the smoke on the container as that they were already started the cooking of food.  After this, they are going to put the food on the table in the food area.

One by one of the patients came to the food area to take their lunch.

Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends, 

Today is Saturday and tomorrow which is Sunday I will be going to the Free Medical Camp at Manavparivar, Matar.  There are two teams which already left this morning.  Each team consists of 12-15 people.  They are going to start their work at camp site for the preparation of tomorrow’s Medical Camp.  I am also going there tonight together with my family. 

The teams who went there early will start doing all the necessary preparation as there will be 15,000+ people expected to be there.  So they are going to start that today.  The preparation work will last all day today in each department.  They will be busy today.  Each of every department there  will organize everything like the parking, token, the registration, the OPD, the kitchen, the lunch area and everything. 

There are 22 outlets of pharmacy there at Manav Parivar.  The team of volunteers working in medical store or pharmacy will need to reflenish all the counters.   They will check everything what will be needing there.  

In the kitchen department, as there will be 15,000 people who will be having their lunch, so the volunteers started their work today.  Many preparations will be needed there to be ready for tomorrows medical camp.  The making of food will start today at 9:00 pm.  The food they will prepare tonight is the vegetables and Dal.  And the making of roti will start at 4:00 am Sunday, just in time for the lunch at 7:00 am which will be  serve to the patients.   It’s really nice to see all the people there who are helping each other to make the work easy.  Cooperation with each other are always seen there.  Bless them all.


The Kitchen Department in Free Medical Camp @ Manav Parivar, Matar

Good morning friends, 

I’m enjoying a lot going around the vicinity of Manav Parivar in Matar where they have Free Medical Camp.  I saw the cooperation of each and everyone.  I decided to see their kitchen department.  I saw a lot of people helping each other to finish as fast as they can all the work, the preparing of food, the cooking and everything.  


Women Volunteers @ Manav Parivar


These group of women volunteer were helping each other to prepare all what should be serve to everyone.  While I’m looking at them, I saw all their effort as they have the first step don’t when preparing food.  They don’t talk much as they  were busy doing their work. 




Men Volunteer in the kitchen @ Manav Parivar

After some time looking with the women volunteer there, I went to the other group of men volunteer who were responsible for the cooking.  This was the way they cook the food.  This was not an easy job but they don’t mind any hardship with it.  Same thing with the group of women volunteer I saw, this group were also busy.   They made sure that their cooking will be perfect as thousands of people are going to eat it.  I’m having a busy time viewing everything there. 


Volunteers in the Food Area @ Manav parivar

Finally, the food were ready to distribute.  They were just getting ready with all the things that will be using.   All the food that had been prepared and cooked were place in the  table.  All they  have to do is fall in line and take a food from them.  This group of volunteers were expert in giving the people the amount of food so that all can eat.  No one go outside the Manav Parivar without taking their food. 



It’s a very good cooperation and coordination with each other.  I’m sure that there is one person who manage everything in here.  My high compliment to that person who ever he is.  Good thing that I visited the Manav Parivar.  Keep it up, God Bless all the people who participated there, gave their free service to make this organization an inspiring one to others.