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Volunteering is my need, not others-1

We talked last time that volunteering is my need. If I am doing charity or seva, that is for me not others. Someone will thought that why we need to think this issue. Does it make any difference if we are doing seva for our self or someone else? The answer is YES, it does make a lot different with the approaches change. There are two main very common approached behind doing volunteering.


Volunteering for others

Volunteering for my self


Volunteering for others:


This is very common way of doing volunteering. Majority of people are doing volunteering this way. Volunteer always have feeling that he/she is doing volunteering for others. For the person who is going to get benefits. For example, a volunteer A is doing his volunteering in manav parivar free medical camp. As he is young and educated, he likes to give his service to society. He gives his free service twice a month. Now, while he is there he always think that he not needs to do this volunteering. But as he is having ability he likes to do this volunteering to help others. So, he wants to become volunteer to help others.


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New way to well come New Year-2009

Good morning friends, Happy and Prosperous New Year. I expect year 2009 bring happiness and prosperity to all around world. I like to share what my friend did on New Year eve.

One of my friend and his wife went to celebrate New Year eve with one of the orphan house in Ahmadabad. All together they have 230 kids. He takes with him music system, audio cd of most popular song and latest songs with remix of those songs, trade show exhibits. He also make arrangement to have pav-bhaji as dinner for all and ice cream also. To serve dinner he use tables which are having a look of modern restaurants. He use table covers and table top display for that. It was so nice and attractive kids feel like they all were in modern restaurants. He told me that the kids were so happy to have a guest to celebrate New Year eve. For first hour they play indoor games.

At 11-00 they started playing acting. He inspired kids to come on stage and do the acting of popular characters. It was so funny and entertaining to all kids. Everyone was just laughing. At 11-45 he started music and dance. As New Year coming closer, the rhythm of the music starts getting faster. It was at pick at 00-00. Than with the beginning of 2009, he stops music and tell everyone just to sit silent. They all did prayer. Everyone started greeting each other. And after that he distributes ice cream to all.

When he and his wife depart from orphan house, kids were so happy. I congratulate them to have such a nice beginning of year 2009. Isn’t it best way to start New Year? It inspired me a lot. Just want to finish with this much known saying—when we shared our pain, it gets less and when we shared our happiness with others it get double.

Visit to Kankaria-1

Good Evening friends,

Last day of year 2008.  me and my other volunteers friends were together last night. We have visited Kankaria Lake. It was excellent parasailing at night. Me and my friends were exited to view it. At night we show the advertising balloons. One of my friend says that it look like advertising blimps. Those balloons look so different in the night time with multi colored on it.


When adventurer Y Srinivasa Rao from Indian Parachuting Federation (IFP) donned the parachute at 7 pm on Tuesday night, he was attempting to create history. And despite lack of wind, he created a record of successfully completing aqua sailing at night at Kankaria Lake. Last time parasailing was done at night was around 10 years ago in Agra, but done on land.


There were more than 50000 people at night who were viewing them and their performance. Powered by Mercury115 boat and guided by PS Mehta from IPF and MF Dastoor, assistant chief fire officer, AMC, Rao performed a feat which was witnessed by over 50,000 people. “With almost no wind, it was like going against nature. But, due to our experience we managed a successful show without injuries,” said Mehta, boat in-charge, after the night-ride. We even see big balloons. My friend ravi told me that in the USA people use helium balloons in such public gathering.

A qualified mountaineer and ex-Air Force employee, 38-year-old Y Srinivasa Rao’s happiness knew no limits after being part of a historic moment. “It was a gamble to do parasailing at night without wind. An little extra stretch of run inflated parachute and lifted me,” said Rao after getting out of the rescue boat.  We talked more on our visit to Kankaria in next post.

Free Medical camp at manav parivar-matar

Good Morning friends,
December 14 was second Sunday and I was at matar. Manavparivar is organizing free medical camp at matar twice a month.  As November was having 5 Sundays, so, this camp was after 21 days. All were expecting to have more patients.

I found that they were right. They have 8978 patients. It was all like people, people, human all around. I am glad I was part of that volunteering event. Free Lunch was given to more than 18000 people. 

View the following pictures where you can see patients waiting outside to have their turn.




Free Medical camp-matar

Good Morning friends,

Today is Saturday and we have free medical camp at manavparivar tomorrow. We are preparing for that right now. The Skin department over there is 100% computerize now. We have just added stock module to the application which manavparivar is using.


I just talk at matar and got input that, we already have 80 patients there. Medical camp is going to start tomorrow morning at 4-30 am, but patients are there at 1-00 pm Saturday. I also get the data that, 46 volunteer are working for medical camp at the site. Volunteers like me and many more here at ahmedabad are also preparing for camp here off the site.


One last thing, when ever medical camp is there, the thought that I am going over there as volunteer and for volunteering,  that charge me and make me exited and energetic. I want to say when ever I have chance to give seva or charity, that charge me and make me feel full of energy.


60th Independence Day of India

Today is 15th Augest, 2008.  60th Independence Day of India. I
15th Augest----Independence Day for INDIA

15th Augest----Independence Day for INDIA