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Medical Camp @ manavparivar-matar

Few more pictures of free medical camp at manav parivar-matar.

Free Medical Camp @ manavparivar-matar

Good Morning friends, 

My visit to free medical camp at manavparivar matar was excellent. I have taken few pictures at 7-30 am in the morning. I like to share with you all here.

Free Medical Camp by Manav Parivar at Matar,Kheda,Gujarat

Hello friends,

Last Sunday was second Sunday of the month and we have free medical camp by manav parivar at matar. As I told in past that I will try to bring pictures and videos of this camp. This time that’s on October 12, 2008 I was able to record a video of waiting area for patients. Please look at the video below and give me your feed back.


Medical Camp at Matar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dear Friends, i m going to matar again tonight, tomorrow is 4th sunday of December , so they have medical camp on 23rd December, 2007.

I have few picture of last medical camp, i m publisshinvg here with this.  

 Volunteer preparing Free Lunch for patinets at Free Medical Camp                   Volunteer Preparing Free Food for Patients at Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp

 Free Lunch for Patients at Free Medical Camp                Volunteer Preparing Free Lunch for Patients

Free Medical Camp_Patients awaiting                Free Medical camp_patients awaiting

Free Medical Camp_Patients awaiting                Free Medical camp_Free Lunch for patients

Free Medicin at Free Medical Camp                 Free Medicin ar Free Medical Camp at matar


Free Medical Camp near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Hello friends,

it was second sunday of December on 9th, so  i went to visit manav parivar’s free medical camp. i have pictures too with me this time. it was exclent experience to visit it. i come to know that this time they have 9000+ patients.  it’s so nicely organizer and managed.

will come up with pictures…..