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Batuk Bhojan Program by Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

Team and some volunteers gave a helping hand to those poor little kids.  That night, every kids were very happy.


Batuk Bhojan Children

This are the less fortunate children.     Volunteers gave food to the kids as part of Batuk Bhojan program by manavparivar.  They are one chosen by the organization to distribute  food to them. 


Kids in a row

If you are going to look at this kids, you will notice that they were eating together in one straight line.  They are sitting in one row and was given a  free dinner  by a team of volunteers from manavparivar. 

When you just look at the face of each of the child there, you will be touched by they way they look at you.    Even they don’ say thank you with their simple smile, that satisfies you … 🙂