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Counselling at Manav Parivar Medical Camp @ Matar


Weekend Volunteering

Hello Friends,


Good Morning, As this Sunday is 4th Sunday of the month, Manav Parivar is having their pre schedul medical camp at village Matar, Dis. Kheda, Gujarat. I am preparing my self to go there as Winter is already started.


Me, my two son and my wife all be going from tonight for Weekend Volunteering in these medical camp. Little about medical camp. The single day OPD which starts on Sunday morning and also end on Sunday is having around 7000 patients. Few statistical data to share with you friends. More than 16000 people to be managed all together. More than 250 volunteers to deal with. many more things.

You got excited to see the pictures? i am going to take it for you and will going to share it with you. ok?

I wish you a nice, happy, creative and joy giving weekend. Take care of your self.



Another Sights seen @ Manav Parivar Campus

Good morning friends,

Here I am again, showing you some other places you will see inside the Manav Parivar Campus.  In the first picture, this is the place where patients are being held.  Patients were gathered and viewed here before thew will be assigned to the volunteer doctor for diagnostic.


Case Department


The second picture is the campus for the kids.  This is where they stayed while their parents are being examined.  Kids love to hangout here as while they are waiting they learn something creatively.  Kids were assisted by a volunteer teacher.  They learn many things.


Kid's Campus


While the third picture shows the play ground for kids.  Some kids wants to play so Manav Parivar alot a playground area.  Kids loves to run around here specially with those shade trees there.  They are enjoying a lot even the sun is bright.




The last picture is what we call the  Holly Neem tree whom people go after being examined and diagnose.  They pray here.  A lot of people not only the patient went here to pray.


Holly Neem Tree


No dull moment when you are in Manav Parivar.  Even the kids, they will love to stay there with all those places you will see.  You can visit the campus every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, which the free medical camp was held.  See you there! 🙂

Some Sights in Manav Parivar @ Matar India

Good morning friends,

I’m glad to be a part of Manav Parivar as one of the volunteer.  Each and everyone of the people there loves to give their free service.  There are always a free medical camp there done every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Each Sunday there were people coming there not only for treatment, but also give their help and also they love the place as you can feel the solemnity of it even there are many people.   The surroundings are all nice to view.  And that’s what I want to show you now.  Here are some of the places which I love to stay and look at the nature, the creation of God.  It’s so wonderful …


Gate way


Hall Way


Waiting Hall


Road way to Manav Parivar


 Next time, I will be showing you some other places there.  If you have time you can visit the place and you will love it.  I can say that it’s always a good time for me when I’m there at Manav Parivar.

Registration Area in Manav Parivar @ Matar

Good morning friends,

My day starts now with the registration area inside the campus of Manav Parivar.  This is where the patients redirected by the volunteers.  There are many volunteers who gave their service just to have the medical camp wervice well organized, as many people knew about the medical service every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month which  Manav Parivar offer to many people. 


Patients @ Manav Parivar

You can see in this picture  the patients who were in line.  A lot others at the back.  Here, the volunteers make queries about the information of the patients.  It will be needed so for the next area they will proceed the volunteers will know something or will have a bit idea where to start asking about their complain in their health condition.


Patients @ Manav Parivar

Another part of the registration area.  You can see here also a group of patients in line.  Same thing, the volunteers do asked them for some information. 

Manav Parivar sees to it that all the activities done inside the campus will be well organized.  As my self thought,  I am thankful to all the volunteers who gave their service.  Without them, the activities will not make a good result.  Specially the people who are the organizers of the organization.  Without those organizers, there will be no free medical service done at Matar.

Patients with Entry Token @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

The last time a shared with you the routine done by Manav Parivar volunteers.  That was in the parking area.  This time, I will share you the following routine.  You can see in this pictures that there were already patients inside and all were sitting there.  But still there are a lot of patients outside the compound.  In the middle you can see a line of patients.  

Patients are being entering the registration department where a volunteer in white Uniform checking their Entry Token which is must for all patients to have with them. Medical camp at manavparivar matar, Kheda, Nadiyad, Gujart, India.


Patients holding entry token


Manav Parivar Campus


Next time that I will share you again, I will be talking to you about  the waiting  patients inside the campus.  Have a nice day to all!

Patients @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends, 

It was a sunny day at Manav Parivar but still many people waiting there for the Free Medical Camp Service given by Manav Parivar in Matar.  The service was held every 2nd and  4th Sunday of the month.   So it was expected that every medical service was going, there are a lot of people went there.  


Patients outside the Manav Parivar Compound

You have seen in this picture that many people are waiting outside the Manav Parivar compound.

Over a thousand female patients waited in a queue outside the gate of Sevathirth in the village of Matar, Gujarat for the bimonthly Manav Parivar medical aid camp. Here, patients received free medical attention along with the food and clean water for their accompanying family members. The medical camp are one of the many activities organized by the Shri Baldevas Charitable Trust, established in 1968. At these highly organized operations, nearly 10,000 people from all over India and other parts of the world line up early in the morning in this small Gujarati village to receive care. At the end of the day, everyone will have been fed and to those with medical afflictions, they will have received a full work-up, including diagnostic lab testing, eye exams, corrective lenses, x-rays, and medicines. Each medical camp is a one-day affair lasting for about 10 hours. 


Patients inside the Manav Parivar Compound

This was the inside area of Manav Parivar compound where patients was sitting and waiting.    

This woman’s pleasant smile is reflective of the positive attitude of many receiving and giving care at the Manav Parivar medical camp. 

There are a lot of good things to show and say when I visit Manav Parivar.  Endless talk when I am there.  God Bless all of them! 

Skin and Dental Division at Manav Parivar

Good morning friends.

I am excited to go around the place when I visited Manav Parivar.  As usual a lot of patients were waiting outside the compound while waiting for the organization to start the medical service.  This time went to two areas inside the Manav Parariva.


Skin Division @ Manav Parivar

This is a Skin Division area in Manav Parivar where patients with skin problem were being examined in this area.  There are a lot of people who have skin problem there.  Not all went in the front, that’s why you can see some people only standing.  But there were a lot of patients still waiting and standing behind. 


Dental Division @ Manav Parivar

You can see in this picture is the Dental Division.  Manav Parivar provide dental area for those people who have dental problems.  They were treated here in this area.  Still also a lot of people are outside to wait for their turn to be treated.

All the machines they use in Manav Parivar is a good quality.  They have good supplies of everything they needed for the medical service they gave.  Anyway, see you on my next visit at Manav Parivar.

Midnight Food Preparation @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I stayed the day before the start of the Free Medical Camp in Manav Parivar at Matar, so I come to know what were their activities before the medical camp starts the following day.  So that night I started going around and saw some volunteef people working in the kitchen.


Ready food for cooking at Manav Parivar

 This was the raw food which the volunteers prepared.   This is one kind of menu that they will served to the patients.  They will cook many food that’s why they started the early cooking.


Volunteers in the kitchen at Manav Parivar

This is the kitchen area where volunteers are preparing lunch for following day activity.  It will be given to the patients in Manav Parivar for the  medical camp held at Matar every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. It’s midnight that time when these volunteers started  are making Food.

I’m really surprised with the cooperation of each volunteers there.  Without them, it will not be done better.  I myself thanking them for all their effort.  Good work by the volunteers.  🙂

Good Volunteer People at Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I’m here again at Manav Parivar where they have their Free Medical Camp every 2nd and 2th Sunday of the month.  I went all around there.  I spotted this volunteers who were giving their free service to many patients who went there.


Volunteers at Manav Parivar

This are some of the volunteers who talked to the patients before they will be check…  The volunteers asked them all the information about them.  And they are going to input that in their computer.  That will be needed so that the next time they will visit again there for the follow up they have the records.  And the volunteer doctors will have an easy way for the next check up they will do.


Volunteer Woman @ Manav Parivar

This is another volunteer who talk also to the patient.  I’ve found out that this volunteer is an accountant of one company.  It’s nice to know this kind of people who are willing to give their free service just to help other people.  They are blessed as they have a good health condition and in appreciation of them, they offer their help.  Nice to know those kind of people. 

I’m sure the next time I will visit the Manav Parivar, I will have different experience again.  I love to be here at Manav Parivar.  Good feelings!