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From darkness to light

Good Afternoon, again something good I read and I am here to share with you all. Teach India volunteers did it again. Red the following news I found at times of india website. “Tamso ma jyotirgamaya…” means leading from darkness to light. It could not have been more true, when children at Shankar Bhavan in Shahpur sung this prayer on Wednesday afternoon. It was a churning for both the students, all from underprivileged homes, and Teach India volunteers who spent time with them.


At their second class with teachers, the kids seemed more enthusiastic about English. As they started with a quick revision of the previous lesson, Payal Thakur, a student of class VI from Shahpur school number 15, beamed: “At home, I spoke to my father in English and told him everything I learnt here. He was ecstatic and proud and insisted I continue learning.”


The overjoyed volunteers then began to teach them to spell their names in English. Otherwise shy, the kids soon started opening up and displayed a confident demeanour when the volunteers asked them about Christmas.


Anil Chauhan, a student of DBV High School

, told them about how he created the Nativity scene in paper mache. The fact that he narrated most of it in English was remarkable. “I learnt about paper mache at my grandfather’s farmhouse. I make a variety of animals out of paper mache, my favourite being the symbol of peace which is a dove,” he said as the volunteers helped him connect sentences.


The class then learnt to identify different colours and shapes in the form of an innovative activity. “I enjoy learning here because the class is extremely entertaining,” said 12-year-old Bharat Parmar a student of standard 7.


When asked about what they aspire to become, 12-year-old Alpesh Parmar said, in a patriotic note, “I wish to serve the nation and make my parents proud.” On other hand, his sister Gauri, 14, told the volunteer, “I want to do what you are doing. I want to teach.”

2008 at a glance-Dhirendra

Good Evening friends,

Merry Christmas to all. I like to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Beginning of 2009 and end for 2008. Time is running out very fast. I feel like 2008 just started few weeks back. And we are at end of 2008 now. 361 days completed.  Just 4 days left now.  Isn’t its time to make a evaluation statement for our self? Where I was at the beginning of 2008 and where I am at the end of 2008.


Business needs to make evaluation statements at regular intervals. Like weekly report, monthly statement, quarterly statement, half yearly statement and yearly statements. If you are aware with what business communities doing with all these statements, each statement get analyze. Top level management evaluates the monthly statement and from that they predict and plan for half yearly and yearly behavior of company. Again with quarterly statements they compare what was projected and what happy in actual, than plan again for next quarter. And with such analysis businesses makes profits and earn money. If they don’t analyze their behaviors during the year, they don’t come to know where they are going- towards profits or towards loose?


Same way in human life, each day passes with guarantee of not going to come back. There is no one to ask us about our profits and loose as being human weather we are going towards upward side in life or towards downward? I believe as there is no one to ask us, we need to be more conscious about that part because there is no control on that.

I think one should ask following questions to him/her self.


  • Do I need to analyze year 2008 for my self?


  • Year 2008 good or bad for me as individual in material sense.


  • Year 2008 good or bad for me as individual with reference to me as human, me as live identity or we can say it with reference to spirituality? 

We talk more in next post.