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Pre-Primary Convocation 2008-2009


Good morning friends.  My son Shivam  Patel graduated.  Here you can see the picture of their class wearing toga.  They are those who graduated in Pre-primary Convocation 2008-2009.  They graduated in St. Kabir School in Ahmedabad.  A good school.  They all look cute there.  My son is there 4th kid starting from the left.  I just remember my younger days.  It’s good to  be a kid.  When my son will grow older, I will teach him what I’m doing with the medical camp we have.  I always carry him with me whenever I go to Matar and have that medical camp.  I want him to be aware of what is happening there, what I’m doing there, what other people do there.  I’m sure he will be like me when he grows old.