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My Day in the World Peace Prayer Event in Matar

Good morning friends,

I came early to Matar to join and participate the special event they had there.  It was the Manav Parivar’s celebration for the World Peace Prayer.  It was a very nice experience I had there.  I can say  it’s was a very holy activity.  I want to share my thoughts to everyone.


Entrance at Manav Parivar Compound for the World Peace Prayer

Morning day at Matar.  You can see in this picture that people are coming to attend the prayer.  You may notice some volunteers at the entrance of Manav Parivar.  They are leading the people where they should go so they may not mislead if they are already inside.  You may also notice that even kids are coming to attend the prayer.


Silently Praying in the Celebration of World Peace Prayer

People are coming here and find the place where they can sit and pray.  I also went here and I got a good place to sit in.  it was a nice feeling that while the prayer was being sung, I can feel the peace in the heart of each and everyone there while their heads are nodded.   


Prayer on Thursday Morning

Good Morning, On every Thursday we have prayer at Dadaji’s house at Manav Parivar’s Prayer hall. It start at 6-00 am and end at 7-30 am. This time it was so good and we were having few NRI guest to attend it. They were so impressed with the Dhun of Aum Namo Bhagavata Vasudavya.

Prayer at Manav Parivar, Ahmedabad

Universal Peace Prayer

Good morning friends,

Today I’ll be going to Matar.  I will check there what we will be needed for the preparation of tomorrows big event January 30, 2009.  We will have our “Universal Peace Prayer”.  That is something which should  be given importance. 

I will see to it that everything there will be available.  I will make sure that the kitchen there will have all the materials that will be using for the preparation of the food.  We will be preparing lunch and we are going to feed more than 12,000 people who will go there.  It’s just only my estimation of how many people will go there.  I’m sure many will attend to that prayer function.  So it’s not easy to prepare foods with only few people.  I know everybody will contribute their effort for the wellness of that function.  Everybody who will go there today will be busy with their own work. The preparation is not easy.  With the cooperation of each and every one,  the work will be done simultaneously.

We will have something for the kids too.  They will be given chocolates and candies there.  Kids will love all the activities there.  At the same time, while they are still young, they will be aware of what is the importance of praying.  And this should be known by many specially our children.

I will be taking pictures today and specially tomorrow.  I will publish some of that.   I will be going now there and hope that you will be following me till our tomorrow’s special day. 

I will be waiting for you all there and be our guest in our prayer function.