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Counselling at Manav Parivar Medical Camp @ Matar


Seva For Inner Peace

Seva For Inner Peace

Daytime intake, Free Lunch

Weekend Volunteering

Hello Friends,


Good Morning, As this Sunday is 4th Sunday of the month, Manav Parivar is having their pre schedul medical camp at village Matar, Dis. Kheda, Gujarat. I am preparing my self to go there as Winter is already started.


Me, my two son and my wife all be going from tonight for Weekend Volunteering in these medical camp. Little about medical camp. The single day OPD which starts on Sunday morning and also end on Sunday is having around 7000 patients. Few statistical data to share with you friends. More than 16000 people to be managed all together. More than 250 volunteers to deal with. many more things.

You got excited to see the pictures? i am going to take it for you and will going to share it with you. ok?

I wish you a nice, happy, creative and joy giving weekend. Take care of your self.



Some Sights in Manav Parivar @ Matar India

Good morning friends,

I’m glad to be a part of Manav Parivar as one of the volunteer.  Each and everyone of the people there loves to give their free service.  There are always a free medical camp there done every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Each Sunday there were people coming there not only for treatment, but also give their help and also they love the place as you can feel the solemnity of it even there are many people.   The surroundings are all nice to view.  And that’s what I want to show you now.  Here are some of the places which I love to stay and look at the nature, the creation of God.  It’s so wonderful …


Gate way


Hall Way


Waiting Hall


Road way to Manav Parivar


 Next time, I will be showing you some other places there.  If you have time you can visit the place and you will love it.  I can say that it’s always a good time for me when I’m there at Manav Parivar.

kid volunteer volunteering for world Peace Prayer event on 30th jan,2010

Good morning friends,

I came early here at Manav Parivar in Matar for their World Peace Prayer Event.  Intetionally did that to observe some work there and give my free service with the organization.  But before that, I came across with 2 volunteers who happened to clean the grounds. 


Two volunteers @ Manav Parivar in Matar

You can see in this picture the two volunteers who did their work for the World Peace Prayer at Manav Parivar in Matar.  It happened that I talked with them before they started their work.  I tried to talk to Shivam (my son) the little boy who sweep the ground.  He told me that he had an  examination in the morning of January 30. He said that after he finish his study, he joined with me and did that volunteering work. He was sweeping that time, while the other volunteer paint some areas there.


Shivam's helping hand to Manav Parivar at Matar

After sweeping the other part of the area,  Shivam went to the area near the trees and sweep all the dry leaves who fell there.  He also remove some dust in the gate of the compound of Manav Parivar after he finish the collecting of dry leaves.

It’s a nice action you can see with Shivam.  Even he is still a little boy, he don’t mind it as long as he is happy doing things.  Nice work little boy.

Volunteer Dentist in Free Medical Cam at Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

I  visited again the Manav Parivar.  I was enjoying every visit I’ve done at Manav Parivar.  I learn different things there while I am observing.

Volunteer Dentist at Manav Parivar in Matar

A volunteer dentist to Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar was examining and questioning the patient for the problem she have.  After some queries, the dentist is trying to treat the patient.    The supplies are complete.  So the patients should not worry about anything.


Volunteer Dentist at Manav Parivar in Matar


This is the other dentist who willingly offered his free service to the patients who visit the Manav Parivar.  With all the volunteers who offered their free service, the organization were visited by many people there at Matar and even  the other country.  By word-of-mouth many encouraged to visit Manav Parivar as they have the hope that they will be healed with the ailments they have.

Medical Store in Free Medical Camp Service @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Patients in line for their medicine

This area is the medical store of the Free Medical Camp we are doing every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  As you can see, those who were in line are those patients which were already checked and diagnosed.  They were instructed to proceed in the medical store to get their medicine.


Inside of the Medical Store

As you can see, this is the inside of the medical store.  Everybody there were busy assisting to all the patients who were in line.   Those are the people who gave their free service to help other people.  For some people, it is only a small work, but for other people who directly benefited on what they are doing, their work are well appreciated.  Without those volunteers it will be hard to assist those thousands of patients.

Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp visit_update1

Oh my, what I have seen at matar, i have no wordsssssssssssss to describe that here.  It was excellent volunteer activity. I give my details report on it soon. I like to just put few numerical data here.

1) When we reach the site on Saturday evening around 11-00 pm, they are 1400+ patients waiting outside their campus.

 2) Kitchen was started to make the food for patients for next day.

3) OPD start around 4-45 am, the very first patients was examined at 4-45 am,,,,,,,,,,,,

4) Medicine was given to first patients at 5-00 am.

5) Total number of patients they have was 9800+.

6) Volunteer works to manage system was 500+.

A lot more to say here, I m going to work now, I talk on this tomorrow.