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Free Dinner for Homeless Family

Good morning friends,

I want to share you what I’ve been through when I joined the free food distribution for the homeless family by a good samaritan.  I am with the team of volunteers from Manavparivar who gave food to the people who lived in the footpath.  They are  homeless.  It’s nice to see them after giving some food.  Smile are all their reply with us.

I have compiled the pictures I took when I’m there.  I want to share you all.

Listen to the music while you are watching.  You will feel them!

Food Distribution by the volunteers of Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I am happy to say that I joined the volunteers from Manav Parivar  to  distribute the food to homeless people.  We did the distribution every Monday.


Homeless Family

Here is one of the picture which I took a shot when we get in the place.  There are a lot of people there.  As you can see in this picture, those  kids are happy and smiling after they were given a food.  Those are the poor and unfortunate homeless family who live in footpath-  Dinner were handed with them by the team of volunteers of Manav Parivar.


Homeless Family

This was another picture which I have taken after the food was given to them.  It’s a different feelings when you see those people with a smile that money can’t buy.  Endless “thank you” was the words you can hear with them until we left.

I really love to come along with those volunteers of Manav Parivar to distribute the food.  Very good charity work to the people. J