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Counselling at Manav Parivar Medical Camp @ Matar


swami anubhavananda@manavparivar-1

Good evening friends,

Swami anubhavanandaji was at manavparivar prayer hall in ahmedabad on Thursday June 03, 2010. It was very special day for all at manavparivar-ahmedabad as swami anubhavanandaji was there to give his lecture on Signs of Devotions. More pictures are here.


Swami Anubhavanand with Dadaji

Volunteering as weekend activity

Good evening, 

Fourth Saturday today and tomorrow will  be fourth Sunday. Time to go to give free service to free medical camp organize by manav parivar at matar. I am so exited to go to matar. 

Tomorrow will be may 24, 2009. Fourth Sunday of the month, me and my family is going to Free medical camp organize by manavparivar at Matar, Kheda, Gujarat, India.

The sit is a remote area and its in farms. We can see farms all around. It is so lovely view. I found nature all around there. Trees, farms, sky all are so live. 

I am going to leave from my city Ahmedabad around 10-00 pm tonight and going to reach at matar in an hour and half. I am going to give my free service there and we will come back Sunday late evening. I am going to work for all most 16-18 hours but it will not make me tired. It is going to charge me for next two weeks. 15000+ people will be there and 500+ volunteers are going to give their free services to manage the system. Its really a unique medical camp and I am so happy to be part of such a huge humanitarian activity. I feel I be blessed by god to be part of such a large scale charitable activity. 

Ok friends I wish you all a Happy Weekend. Enjoy your self in positive and creative way and if possible share happiness to all.

Firsty Birthday Celebration of Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel

Good Evening friend, 

I was out of station. Just back home and I am here with you. Yesterday was birthday of my younger son Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel. He complete 12 month and on May 22, 2009 was his 1st Birthday.


We celebrate it in following way. Yesterday evening was excellent when we distribute Orange Flavored Cream Biscuits to orphan kids. I notice some of the kids were so happy and exited to receive the biscuits from Dhyaan and Shivam. 

Me and my wife were having feeling that,, In deed we have taken right decision to celebrate 1st birthday of Dhyaan this way. Our plan was oppose by many friends and family member but when we see the happiness, the excitement and pleasure on those orphan kids, me and my wife feel that In deed we had take right decision. 

I tell my elder son Shivam who was with us that, Share our happiness to others and we will see, our happiness convert to 100 times more. 

For remaining quantity, we went to some labour areas and given biscuits to kids there. They were so happy to have cream biscuits to them at free of cost. 

It takes us 2 hour to finish it. Back home, we take dinner and then we did chanting and prayer as part of celebration at home. 

This is the way we celebrate 1st birthday of Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel

Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp Visit-11/11/07

11th Nov,2007 was IInd sunday of month and again i visited Manav Parivar’s Free medical camp. It was Second day of Indian New Year. We leave for mater on New Year day around 1-00 pm.  when we reach there we find 20 patients were there.

It was festival day so, all were talking we will have less patients, but on sunday i find they have 4700+ patients and the same volunteer team. I ask many volunteer why they are here though it’s festival day.

I come with reply next time.


Manav Parivar’s Medical Camp Visit


I like to share here, I am going to give my service for one every good humanitarian activity. I am going tonight at Village Matar, Dist. Kheda,Gujarat.

The above site is location for Shree Baldevdas Charitable Trust’s Manav Parivar medical camp. I come to know that they are organizing medical camp twice a month, that’s every 2nd and 4th Sunday of month. As tomorrow is 4th Sunday of the money, they have camp.

I also come to know that they have around 9000 patients and they do everything free. So, I am curious to visit them. They also give food to more than 15000 people.

I m going there and will put my experience on Monday with pictures.