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Volunteers in the Medical Store of Manav Parivar

Good morning friends.

Here I am again.  As usual, I’m looking around early to see all the work of everyone there,   It’s nice to share what I had seen at Manav Parivar with their Free Medical Camp.  Good feelings.


Medicine in the Medical Store at Manav Parivar

Enough supplies of medicine to be given to the patients after they were checked and diagnosed.  As you can see there the medicine, those are some only medicine which was regularly or most given to the patients.  Some of the other medicine was still put in one place.  They were only taken and given to the patients who were to take that specific medicine.


Volunteers in the Medical Store of Manav Parivar

This were the volunteers who assisted in all the needs of the patients.  You can see at their back were those medicine which are not much in use.  But still they have enough of that.  As they only don’t put that beside them.  They are all systematic in all their moves and well coordinated with each other.

 Good people were sent by God, that’s why Manav Parivar is going perfect.

A Day of HOPE to all in Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends.

Patients waiting outside the Manav Parivar

You can see many patients there waiting to enter inside the Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar.  Some of them came the night before the start of the medical camp.  They have brought with them blanket to sleep with.  Thos people are very patient in waiting for the start of the medical camp service, as they know that they will be treated well there.


Patients inside the Manav Parivar



These are some of the patients who were already inside the compound of the Manav Parivar and they are just waiting for their turn to have a check up.


A Volunteer Doctor at Manav Parivar


One of the volunteer doctor who was  examining the patient and giving the proper treatment.  There were still a lot a patient outside waiting to be treated.  After the diagnose the patient will proceed to the medical store for the medicine given to them by the doctor.


A Volunteer at Manav Parivar


Another volunteer giving a medicine to the patients after being diagnose.  Those are some boxes of medicine given to the patients who were already checked and treated by the volunteen doctors.  They have enough supply of medicine for the patients. 



I wish many people will give their free service to those patients who needed a help.  A small helping hand becomes big if we all do it.  God Bless all the people who render their service to the poor.