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Registration Area in Manav Parivar @ Matar

Good morning friends,

My day starts now with the registration area inside the campus of Manav Parivar.  This is where the patients redirected by the volunteers.  There are many volunteers who gave their service just to have the medical camp wervice well organized, as many people knew about the medical service every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month which  Manav Parivar offer to many people. 


Patients @ Manav Parivar

You can see in this picture  the patients who were in line.  A lot others at the back.  Here, the volunteers make queries about the information of the patients.  It will be needed so for the next area they will proceed the volunteers will know something or will have a bit idea where to start asking about their complain in their health condition.


Patients @ Manav Parivar

Another part of the registration area.  You can see here also a group of patients in line.  Same thing, the volunteers do asked them for some information. 

Manav Parivar sees to it that all the activities done inside the campus will be well organized.  As my self thought,  I am thankful to all the volunteers who gave their service.  Without them, the activities will not make a good result.  Specially the people who are the organizers of the organization.  Without those organizers, there will be no free medical service done at Matar.

Registration Area in Manav Parivar at Matar

Good morning friends,   

There are a lot of patients waiting for Manav Parivar to start their medical camp.  Many people were in line outside the campus area.  When the medical camp is going to start people where instructed to come inside the campus and were guided where to stay by some volunteers.  From the place where they are staying they will wait for their turn to proceed to Registration Area.  


People in line

As you can see in this picture, patients  were standing in queue for their registration so every patient should have their medical record that will be needing in the future. 


Close up view of volunteers

In the near view of the Registration Counter you can see 5 laptops.  Each laptop is use by the volunteers in white uniform.  These volunteers are giving their free service to many people for such a huge act of humanity.

What a nice performance of all volunteers that made Manav Parivar kept going every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Giving a helping hand to many, is just a holy act that God want.