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Another Sights seen @ Manav Parivar Campus

Good morning friends,

Here I am again, showing you some other places you will see inside the Manav Parivar Campus.  In the first picture, this is the place where patients are being held.  Patients were gathered and viewed here before thew will be assigned to the volunteer doctor for diagnostic.


Case Department


The second picture is the campus for the kids.  This is where they stayed while their parents are being examined.  Kids love to hangout here as while they are waiting they learn something creatively.  Kids were assisted by a volunteer teacher.  They learn many things.


Kid's Campus


While the third picture shows the play ground for kids.  Some kids wants to play so Manav Parivar alot a playground area.  Kids loves to run around here specially with those shade trees there.  They are enjoying a lot even the sun is bright.




The last picture is what we call the  Holly Neem tree whom people go after being examined and diagnose.  They pray here.  A lot of people not only the patient went here to pray.


Holly Neem Tree


No dull moment when you are in Manav Parivar.  Even the kids, they will love to stay there with all those places you will see.  You can visit the campus every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, which the free medical camp was held.  See you there! 🙂