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Chabutaro – Birds House

Good morning friends,

My day will start now here in Manav Parivar.  It’s my pleasure to visit here in Matar where they operate the Free Medical Camp every 2nd and 4th of the month. I went there early before the start of the medical service.  I go around and look at the beautiful nature, the green grass, the birds flying, the trees swaying by the wind blow, hearing the mooing and quacking of the animals.  So peaceful place.   

Chabutaro - Bird's House

If you will see this thing far, you will say it’s like a street light that is used at night.  But you know what is it?  It’s a Chabutaro.  It is a specific are for bird food.  After the birds flying, all goes here.  They sit here and eat.  We put food on the top.  As you notice the bowl on the two sides.   That’s where the water was placed.  It was purposely made it high so that the cat can’t eat the pigeons and parrots