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Gather your thoughts, learn to focus-2

Good Evening friends, we are talking about Gather your thoughts, learn to focus focusing our self with the way of gathering of thoughts. We talk first part in previous post. Read the remaining part. While practising mantra-sadhana, the seeker sits on a woollen blanket. The reason being that the vibrations generated through repetition of holy syllables tend to get dispersed if one sits on a bare floor or wooden plank.


In our present state of spiritual evolution, we are not prepared for experiencing the extremely subtle and powerful rays of consciousness. Awakening of Kundalini sets in motion spontaneous yogic kriyas that intensify the process of spiritual evolution. Powerful pranic currents are generated that purify the seeker at the physical and mental levels, making him worthy of imbibing mystic experiences associated with higher levels of consciousness.


The awakened Kundalini ultimately leads the seeker to the abode of eternal consciousness, the supra-causal state, where he begins to perceive the light of the Self, called the Blue Pearl. Regarded as the most intimate body of the soul, the Blue Pearl bestows upon the seeker Divine Grace, enabling him to realise his innermost Self.


According to Swami Muktananda: “As meditation deepens, one begins to see the Blue Pearl sparkling and scintillating in the topmost spiritual centre, the sahasrara . The Blue Pearl is the abode of God, the form of the Self within us. As you continue to meditate, one day this light will expand, and within it you will see the entire cosmos. As you become immersed in this light, you will know, ‘I am God’.” This sublime state marks the culmination of meditation wherein the seeker realises that the worlds perceived by the ego in the waking and dream states are like fleeting pictures that appear on the screen of pure consciousness that abides in eternity.