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X-Ray Department and Laboratory Area in Free Medical Camp at Manav parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

Yesterday was a busy day again in Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar.  As always expected, lots of patient visited.  They were checked and given a proper medicine.

Patients in X-Ray Department at Manav Parivar

This picture is the X-Ray Department in Manav Parivar.  All the patients who needed X-ray were lead to this laboratory area.   The patients were brought to this area for all possible laboratory test which was prescribed by the volunteer doctors.


Volunteers iinside the Laboratory Area at Manav Parivar

 This was the volunteers at Manav Parav which was assigned to the X-ray Department.  After some testing done by them, they were checking the result.  As you can see the second picture was a volunteer doctor.  A pathologist.  He was checking the report on Semi-Auto Analyzer Machine.

Manav Parivar   has a complete medical facilities and enough supplies.

Volunteer Dentist in Free Medical Cam at Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

I  visited again the Manav Parivar.  I was enjoying every visit I’ve done at Manav Parivar.  I learn different things there while I am observing.

Volunteer Dentist at Manav Parivar in Matar

A volunteer dentist to Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar in Matar was examining and questioning the patient for the problem she have.  After some queries, the dentist is trying to treat the patient.    The supplies are complete.  So the patients should not worry about anything.


Volunteer Dentist at Manav Parivar in Matar


This is the other dentist who willingly offered his free service to the patients who visit the Manav Parivar.  With all the volunteers who offered their free service, the organization were visited by many people there at Matar and even  the other country.  By word-of-mouth many encouraged to visit Manav Parivar as they have the hope that they will be healed with the ailments they have.