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It’s time to go!

Good morning friends.  Today I will be going to Matar.  I’m going to prepare and arrange everything there for tomorrows medical camp.  Monitoring everything there is not easy, but I’m positive with everything that I will have a good result.  It’s always a good feeling and a happy one that when ever I finished one task, all my tiredness of preparing everything has gone.  I will be going there alone this morning.  And I will come back tonight together with my family.  


You can see this big empty space.   You are looking to a long wide empty space.  So peaceful place.  For tomorrows event, it will not become empty.  That empty space will accommodate many people and even I will say the huge space is not enough.  I will make sure that everything there will be ready.  This is the things that made me happy always all the time.  The planning, the preparation, everything.  “Lord, thank you for giving me this strength to do all this.  With your guidance I can do well.”