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Giving health a shot at Manav Parivar (2 of 2)

Good morning friends,

As I am one of the visitor in Manav Parivar, I myself saw all the activities there, the cooperation of each other, the helping of one another.  You will just be oftenly visit there when you see how the organization works.

Bhagat adds, “I just own the field where the camp is held. My friends and I used to meet there every Sunday for prayers. One of my friends, a doctor, began treating local patients for free. As word about this spread, more  villagers started coming there. My friend used to dispense for free medicines given to him by medical representatives. He also asked other doctor friends to help him treat the patients. From just 5-6 people, the number has now risen to 10,000.”

This place is run by God, says Bhagat, adding: “The organization is never short of medicines or food as donors make huge contributions. There is no attendance sheet but there is always enough doctors and staff to help take care of everything. No one heads the organization, but everything runs smoothly. Therefore, I believe that God is taking care of this place.”

But for the patients who get treated, he is god and a visit to his house will reveal the reverence in which people hold him.

Bhanuben Parmar, 62, has been coming here from Junagadh to get treated for skin ailment. “There’s marked improvement. The white patches on my skin are now disappearing,” she says.

Even doctors hold him in high esteem. Dr Ruchir Shah, 23, a dermatologist from Shardaben Hospital said: “Here I not only get to serve people but even gather experience treating people with such different kinds of ailments. This is like serving God.”  – AhmedabadMirror 

Bhailal Bhagat & his team Manav Parivar 

The trust conducts health camps every second and fourth Saturday in Matar. Thousands receive free medical attention here 

I not only get to serve people but even gather experience treating people with such different ailments

– Dr Ruchir Shah, dermatologist