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Walking Around the Area in Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I was following the Jain a religious leader wherever he goes.   So took a lot of pictures of him.


Religious leader accmpanied by a volunteer

In this picture while he was walking you will see a volunteer in  manavparivar was blessed by  religious leader Jain during his visit to free medical camp organized by manavparivar-matar.  Everyone who gets near with him are being bless.


Case Department Area

While in this picture, you can see again one of the volunteer accompanied the  religious leader going towards the Case Department.  The volunteer showed around the Case Department.

The next time I will share you the other place in Manav Parivar which the religious leader passed by.  See you.


Some Areas seen @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I am here again.  Showing you some area found inside the campus of Manav Parivar.  I always attended there their free medical camp every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  And I love to be there all the time.


Case Department @ Manav Parivar

Have a view of the Case Department at Manav Parivar.  I took this picture the  day before the  medical camp.  In this department the patient was diagnose here first and after they were lead to the department where they will be treated. 


Ready lunch area for the patient

If you are still going with me, you can see in here the lunch area at medical camp in manavparivar.  This is the area where all people go after they had been checked.  They were given their lunch here and as you can see some of them were already eating.


Activity area for the kids @ Manav parivar

This is the area which I like to stay.  It’s the new area that Manav Parivar are developing for the kids.  Some vounteers, some patients bring their children as their companion.  So when the kids are waiting they were lead here and they participate on the activities done there.  So the kids will not get bored while waiting for their relatives to finished the treatment with them.

If you have time to visit the Manav Parivar, you will enjoy everything there.  No dull time you will feel while waiting.  I hope you will visit there and see!