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3SRB- Breathing exercise program

Good evening friends,

Tomorrow is first Sunday of the month. Manav Parivar is having 3SRB sebir. 3SRb is abbreviated word for 3 Steps Rhythmic Breathing. 3SRB is a breathing exercise which was given to public by Shri Tavariyaji. Shree Tavariajli met his master, Shri Ram, when he was only seven years old. Over a period of 12 years he learnt the practices of a very secret Yoga System from his teacher. He said that this system was passed from master to disciples in Guru- Shisya parampara, originating from Maharshi Patanjali who is credited with the authorship of the Yoga-Sutras.

Shri Tavariaji condensed the system into a few simple exercises together with the three step rhythmic breath, so that the benefits of such a rich system of Yoga could be easily available to every one. His teacher advised him to be a householder, so he lived a family man throughout and is survived by his wife and two children. He said that the real test of Yoga is in a normal family life.

I am going to attend this 3SRB program tomorrow. The timing is from 7-00 am to 9-00 am. I will talk with you all soon.