Tribute to Labhudada


Our Tribute to Shri Labhubhai Bhatt who is known as Labhudada amount us and who is Founder Chairman of Tripada Education Trust.  Physically he is no more between us but his memory and his lovable and caring nature is always going to remain in our mind and heart. That will keep him always ALIVE with us. We all love you dada.


Weekend Volunteering

Hello Friends,


Good Morning, As this Sunday is 4th Sunday of the month, Manav Parivar is having their pre schedul medical camp at village Matar, Dis. Kheda, Gujarat. I am preparing my self to go there as Winter is already started.


Me, my two son and my wife all be going from tonight for Weekend Volunteering in these medical camp. Little about medical camp. The single day OPD which starts on Sunday morning and also end on Sunday is having around 7000 patients. Few statistical data to share with you friends. More than 16000 people to be managed all together. More than 250 volunteers to deal with. many more things.

You got excited to see the pictures? i am going to take it for you and will going to share it with you. ok?

I wish you a nice, happy, creative and joy giving weekend. Take care of your self.



Food 4 All

Food 4 All with Dhirendra. Free Dinner given to a old man who was sleeping on road. Look at peace on his face.

Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel

A Volunteer Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel is ready with all his tool for volunteering. See the Pictures.

Spiritual Retreat@manavparivar









Good wishes to Indian Cricket Team

Bunches of Good wishes to Indian Cricket Team. I am Indian and I stay with my TEAM INDIA. We are going to WIN today. We will Win.

Proud Indian Dhirendra

Pilgrims-On way to Dakor