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Good wishes to Indian Cricket Team

Bunches of Good wishes to Indian Cricket Team. I am Indian and I stay with my TEAM INDIA. We are going to WIN today. We will Win.

Proud Indian Dhirendra

Pilgrims-On way to Dakor

Pilgrims-On way to Dakor

Charity Work by Manav Parivar @ Kanij

Good morning friends,

Group from Manav Parivar joined the pilgrims done in Kanij.  We go there to give our service to those people who attended the pilgrims.  Manav Parivar provided a center there for people who can rest and eat.  Volunteers from Manav Parivar prepared the food for the people like sweet, rice, veggies, soup.  Thousands of people take the food at a time in our center as it can’t accommodate them all at the same time.  We started serving them food from morning till night.  The dinner of many lasts till 5 am the following day.  We also prepared sweets in bulk.

It feels good to serve those people.  We can see smile on their faces even they are tired from the pilgrims.  It’s satisfying to us, especially to me to serve many people.

Daytime intake

Night time intake

 My always desire to help other people.  I thank  God for that. 🙂

Manav Parivar Center @ kanij

Manav ParivarFoodCenter at Kanij for pilgrims who are going Dakor for Darshan.