Some Important Areas @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends!   

It’s a good day to everyone  at Manav Parivar when I visited the campus.  Everyone was ready and  full  of energy to start that medical camp.  It’s a good thing to know that they are always on the go whenever the Manav Parivar has their medical service every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Let me share you now here the area I stopover to have some pictures  when I was there.

Server Administrator in Manav Parivar

As I’m going around, I came across first the Server Area.  You can see in this picture the Server Administrator, who monitored the system and analyzed the  data during the medical camp.  This area is very important so as the other area will operate simultaneously.  

After looking around here and taken some picture, I went to another area which are also important.

Doctor and the Patient

Here is the second area which I came across with.  In this picture you can see the volunteer doctor who examined the patient.  The patient’s eyes were being checked in the Eye Department.  They have given proper examination and check up.  After that the patients were instructed to proceed to Ophthalmology Department so they will be given the proper eye glass they needed.


Volunteers in Opthalmology Department

Here is the last area which I went through.  This is the Ophthalmology Department. These were the patients proceeded.   You will notice here some volunteers who attended the needs of the patients.  They were so attentive in giving free spectacles to the patients.  

I didn’t stay there long time in all the area I went through, as I want to go around and take some other pictures so I can share you more what’s in Manav Parivar the next time you read my article.  See you then! 🙂



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