Activities in the kitchen @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

Today I will show you a video of the kitchen in Manav Parivar.  You will have the time to read while you are looking at the video.  I hope you will like it.


The first picture shows  the kitchen at Manav Parivar.  Saturday night is the start of preparation for Dal.  The Volunteers started preparing as early as they can so to be ready for the following day activity. 

The second picture shows the potatoes are ready to use for free lunch given to all people at Manav Parivar medical camp at Matar, Kheda, Gujarat.

The 3rd and the 4th picture shows after all the preparation had been done, the volunteers started to cook.  Everyone there participated so to finish the cooking early. 

The last picture shows the big buckets and big sizes of stoves.  This are the kind of kitchen utensils they utilized.  After the cooking the volunteers, keep it clean.  They washed all the utensils that has been used.  And put them into proper place as you have seen in the video.



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