People from far-away places @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

Today will be a busy day again, as I am expecting many patients will come again at Manav Parivar.  With the unfailed operation of the organization which done every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, many were benefited on their medical camp service.


Main Entrance to Manav Parivar

This is the Seva Tirth Entrance- A place where manav parivar organizer Free Medical Camp twice a month on every Second and Fourth Sunday of the month.  Outside of this area were the people waiting until the medical camp will start.


Few patients before the gate of Manav Parivar

Patients are waiting in the long queues for their turn to come @ medical camp held on 09052010 @ manavparivar-matar.


People from far-away places

Patients coming from faraway with their bages waiting for their turn to come @ medicalcamp organize by manavparivar @ matar-Gujarat-India on Sunday, 09052010.

I love all what I am doing in Manav Parivar.  It gives me happiness when I give my help to others.


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