Volunteers @ Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

The sun was started to shine when I look around the Manav Parivar compound.  Already a lot of people were waiting inside and outside the area.


Women Patients @ Manav Parivar

In this picture, you can see a group of women falling in line.  They are all patients and as the SOS of the organization, these volunteers interviewed them.  They asked all information about the patient, so that they have their each and everyone a history record which will be using in the future for their treatment.


Volunteer Doctor @ Manav Parivar

Here, you can see one of the volunteer doctor who interviewed the patients.  Same as other  volunteers, they give their free service to other people. 


Dhirendra as volunteer @ Manav Parivar

For some minutes, I stopped looking around and tried to help with them.  Giving also my free service to the patients.  I was asking the little girl.  She replied me with all the questions I asked.  It’s a very fulfilling feelings when you help other people.  Many needed the help.  If we can just give a little help to many, lots of people will benefit. 


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