Different kind of people visited the Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

The last time I shared with you some of the activities done in Manav Parivar, now I want to share you different kind of people I’ve seen there and also the patients there.


Leukoderma patient @ Manav Parivar

A woman with a mild case of leukoderma clutches her medical card and waits with her family to see a dermatologist at the Manav Parivar medical camp.

A little girl @ Manav Parivar

A bashful, yet curious little girl with captivating eyes waits with other children while her family receives medicines from the chemist.


Sadhu @ Manav Parivar

A sadhu, or holy man, smiles as he waits to receive a free meal. A delicious Gujarati thali is typical fare at the medical camp.


Old woman @ Manav Parivar

One of the many jubilant people who has come from the outer reaches of Gujarat to receive medical attention and a meal from Manav Parivar.

I hope you will still continue viewing my article as I also continue my visiting  at Manav Parivar.  See you!  🙂


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