Some Activites Seen @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

It was a good day when I came here at Manav Parivar.  A lot of patients were already waiting inside.  Here are some activities seen when Manav Parivar is doing their operation.

Men and Women Patients waiting inside the Manav Parivar


A group of women and children wait in a group for their turn to see a doctor. After patients enter the medical camp, they show their identification cards and discuss their symptoms to a volunteer who then assigns them to an appropriate care provider.



A Volunteer Doctor of Manav Parivar



Many doctors gave their free service for the patients who visited the Manav Parivar

In this picture you can see a volunteer doctor reviews a patient’s chart and assesses her condition while her family waits in tow.



Old Women and a child @ Manav Parivar



After the doctors reviewed, checked and give proper medication to the patients, they were led to the medical drug store which was also found inside the Manav Parivar.

Happily holding her free medicines, a woman smiles to another patient at the Manav Parivar medical camp. 



Women taking their lunch given by the volunteers



When it reached 12.00 noon,  patients were led to food area and gave some food by the volunteers for their lunch. 

Women eat a lunch of thali, which includes pooris (fried bread), rice, curried vegetables, and daal (mild lentil soup), after receiving medical care at the camp.

We meet again, because I’d like to share everything I had seen while I’m there at Manav Parivar.



One response to “Some Activites Seen @ Manav Parivar in Matar

  1. Hi…….!

    I’m From Mumbai …. how i reach there by Train.

    i have white patch in my body …..!
    so many tretement done but not coure……. we will like to come there ….in June 2010 any Camp that month, pl. let me know,

    we allways see in ur blog… & heard some pepol to go Manav Pariver he is best way & Best tretment over there…..!

    Any mumbai Side some where ur Camp Done.

    Hope i will be there in month of June Or Any other Day.

    Thank you…………..

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