Denture Camp @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

Today, I will be showing you where I went when I am at Manav Parivar.  It’s really amazing all what I can see inside the Manav Parivar. 


Dental Department @ Manav Parivar

In this picture you will see the Dental Department at Manav Parivar, where in they have a good quality and heavy duty of dental machines.  You will notice that some of the equipments are still in a plastic.  Very new equipment.  Manav Parivar is providing poor people to have their denture in good condition.   Many volunteer dentists give their service to the less fortunate people who can’t afford their teeth to be treated.  In this area, all problems about the denture was checked and treated here. 

You will just be glad to visit the Manav Parivar as they are all complete in their facilities.  Everything is in there.  So when you leave at the place, you will have a good smile.

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