Homeless kids receiving free food from Manav Parivar volunteer

Good morning friends,

We came to the area a little bit early from what the homeless family expected.  That’s why when they say us, they smiled at us.  When all the food was taken from the vehicle, the volunteers started to distribute them to the homeless people.


Distribution of Food by the volunteer

This is one of the volunteer.  He is Nathubhai.  Whenever we distribute food he is always available.  He was giving Ram-Roti to the people as part of their ram-roti distribution work for Manav Parivar.


Kids receiving food to the volunteer

This was a group of young kids who were given a ram-roti for their dinner by Nathubhai.  This kids were all street children, homeless one.  They sleep on the sidewalk of the street.  They consider the street  their own house.


Bunch of Kids waiting for their dinner

When we reached to this bunch of kids, they were just silently sitting on a side walk why Volunteer Nathubhai was giving ram-roti.  All their faces shared their smile with us that’s why when I gave a shot, they looked at the camera. 

It’s always been a charity work for Manav Parivar this kind of help.  They considered it as a responsibility to other unfortunate people.  God made Manav Parivar as his instrument to give a helping hand to many.  I wish for their endless work to provide a hand to others. 

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