“Helping Hand” together with the team of volunteers from Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I was again given a chance to unite the team of volunteers from Manav Parivar to  distribute food for the less fortunate people.  There are a lot of them who need our help.


Homeless Family

This was one of the families who stayed there in the open.  You can see this one of the family who just live there.   They were sleeping when we reached there.  There’s the father and his kids who were sleeping on footpath. When they saw us they woke up and wait for the food to be distributed.  A Team of volunteers from Manav Parivar gave them their dinner.  

If you’ll just try to see them, you will pity them as they don’t have anything.  Even if they want to work for their own, they can’t do it as they don’t have the chance to go to school because of poverty.


Homeless Family

A mother was very happy who allowed me to take some pictures.  She was with  her daughter and other two siblings. They were given free dinner known as Ram-Roti  by the team of volunteers from Manav Parivar.


Dinner for the Little Girl

My eyes was focused on this little girl with food in her plate. She was happy that time.  She gave her simple smile but full of meaning.   I know even though she doesn’t say the word thank you, her smile says that.  A volunteer of Manav Parivar handed her a Ram-Roti for her dinner.

” HELPING HANDS ” . . . . .  that’s the need of many.  Let’s help them.


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