Food Distribution by the volunteers of Manav Parivar

Good morning friends,

I am happy to say that I joined the volunteers from Manav Parivar  to  distribute the food to homeless people.  We did the distribution every Monday.


Homeless Family

Here is one of the picture which I took a shot when we get in the place.  There are a lot of people there.  As you can see in this picture, those  kids are happy and smiling after they were given a food.  Those are the poor and unfortunate homeless family who live in footpath-  Dinner were handed with them by the team of volunteers of Manav Parivar.


Homeless Family

This was another picture which I have taken after the food was given to them.  It’s a different feelings when you see those people with a smile that money can’t buy.  Endless “thank you” was the words you can hear with them until we left.

I really love to come along with those volunteers of Manav Parivar to distribute the food.  Very good charity work to the people. J

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