B.P. Checking and Cancer Screening Department @ Manav Parivar in Matar

Good morning friends,

The day is fine and soon the medical service will start.  As there are a lot of people waiting outside the Manav Parivar to come inside  the compound.


Flowers at Manav Parivar

Nice flowers…… right?  I was looking around the greeny area in the compound of Manav Parivar.  There are a lot of beautiful flowers you can find here.  Green grass, swaying trees, mooing animals, birds flying and many others.  What a nice place to stay with.

The medical service is just starting  when I reached the area of one department there.


B.P. Checking Department

This is the B.P checking Department.  All patients pass through this area regardless of their illness.  They have to be checked before they’re be told to proceed to the next step.


Breast Cancer Screening Department

This is the Cancer Screening Department.  Here, one female volunteerare assigned and  will ask all the patients.  She will ask at least 40 questions in relation to breast cancer.   Female patients above 40 of age are being filtered here.  This is the SOP for the breast cancer patient women.  With all the patients reply to the questions, the medical group will easily determined if the patients have the signs of breast cancer.

What a day!  …. 🙂


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