My Day in the World Peace Prayer Event in Matar

Good morning friends,

I came early to Matar to join and participate the special event they had there.  It was the Manav Parivar’s celebration for the World Peace Prayer.  It was a very nice experience I had there.  I can say  it’s was a very holy activity.  I want to share my thoughts to everyone.


Entrance at Manav Parivar Compound for the World Peace Prayer

Morning day at Matar.  You can see in this picture that people are coming to attend the prayer.  You may notice some volunteers at the entrance of Manav Parivar.  They are leading the people where they should go so they may not mislead if they are already inside.  You may also notice that even kids are coming to attend the prayer.


Silently Praying in the Celebration of World Peace Prayer

People are coming here and find the place where they can sit and pray.  I also went here and I got a good place to sit in.  it was a nice feeling that while the prayer was being sung, I can feel the peace in the heart of each and everyone there while their heads are nodded.   


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