Giving health a shot at Manav Parivar (1 of 2)

Good morning friends.  I read one article. And it’s all about the health giving to others.   I was grinning that time when I’m reading the article.  I visited the place and observed all their activities there, and it’s really good.  Everyone there have a helping hand with each other that’s why I am not surprise if someday their organization will be heard all over the world.

For the lakhs of people that Manav Parivar has treated till date, Bhailal Bhagat is God. Yet, not many are aware of his existence.

The 82-year-old had launched Manav Parivar, an organization that holds free medical camps at Matar, 65 km from Ahmedabad, every second and fourth Sundays of the month. Thousands congregate here, drawn by word-of-mouth publicity. They board trains, hire buses, arrive on bullock-cars and two-wheelers. Some even fly down to get treatment.

People queue up well before midnight to ensure that they receive treatment on time. But, it is an unfounded fear as no one is ever turned away.

Doctors here attend no less than 10,000 people in a day. Patients are given free medicines and even free food. More than 100 physicians, cardiologists, opthalmologists, dermatologists, ENT specialists and dentists provide service here. Para-medical staff and nurses too volunteer services. Wives and children of the doctors as well as cooks from various places in Ahmedabad all lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

Dada, as Bhagat is lovingly called, is the driving force behind the ‘seva’ but he humbly pushes aside his role in making the camps a success. “Here, there is no president, no treasurer and no secretary. No one is senior or junior — they work only in one big team. The place is run by doctors and volunteers. My contribution is nothing,” he says.


One response to “Giving health a shot at Manav Parivar (1 of 2)

  1. Dear Gentleman,

    I am basically from Kerala and currently working in Dubai . Couple of days ago ,one North Indian gentleman I didn’t know before told me about the treatment available at the Mattar for the problem I have for the last 12 years . I have vitiligo for the last 12 years and was under treatment for many years .

    I will be coming home on vacation in this March and I thought I can pay a visit ,if I found it worth doing . Could you please elaborate a bit more about the way they treat this ailment and the time it takes to heal and the chances of re appearance of the same . Hope you can fathom my concerns well ,as I have tried many medicines until now of varying degrees with out much success .

    The matter of paramount concern is this that ,the time for me to travel alone will a week , and its a big share of time for a person on vavation after a long year away from his family . Hope you get me well there .

    Your earliest reply will be highly apprecaited .

    Thank you very much in advance .

    Best Regards / Amjad

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