A Vounteer at Free Medical Camp @ Manav Parivar,Matar

A Volunteer in Free Medical Camp at Manav Parivar, Matar


Good morning friends!

This man is one of the volunteer in the Free Medical Camp @ Manav Parivar, Matar.  Second Sunday and Fourth Sunday of the month are the busy time for everyone there.  Making sure that everything will be in proper way before the start of the mission.  Not lower than 8,000 patients who visited the Free Medical Camp, were seen there.  More and more patients travel from different places just to go there and have them treated.  Some went there but not as patient but as visitors.  They observe the mission while it was on going.  And for me it’s a heartwarming comment from them before they left Matar.  Every words they said is a good one and it boosts our morale and we always get confident to ourselves that we did that kind of mission.  Helping less fortunate people will feel you satisfied even if it’s from the other people.  

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