Firsty Birthday Celebration of Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel

Good Evening friend, 

I was out of station. Just back home and I am here with you. Yesterday was birthday of my younger son Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel. He complete 12 month and on May 22, 2009 was his 1st Birthday.


We celebrate it in following way. Yesterday evening was excellent when we distribute Orange Flavored Cream Biscuits to orphan kids. I notice some of the kids were so happy and exited to receive the biscuits from Dhyaan and Shivam. 

Me and my wife were having feeling that,, In deed we have taken right decision to celebrate 1st birthday of Dhyaan this way. Our plan was oppose by many friends and family member but when we see the happiness, the excitement and pleasure on those orphan kids, me and my wife feel that In deed we had take right decision. 

I tell my elder son Shivam who was with us that, Share our happiness to others and we will see, our happiness convert to 100 times more. 

For remaining quantity, we went to some labour areas and given biscuits to kids there. They were so happy to have cream biscuits to them at free of cost. 

It takes us 2 hour to finish it. Back home, we take dinner and then we did chanting and prayer as part of celebration at home. 

This is the way we celebrate 1st birthday of Dhyaan Dhirendra Patel

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