Dhirendra Volunteering @ manavparivar-matar


Dhirendra Patel giving his volunteering service at free medical camp organize by manav parivar at matar, kheda, Gujarat.

4 responses to “Dhirendra Volunteering @ manavparivar-matar

  1. Many people were watching you, and maybe waiting for their turn. i notice one man at you back, with that skin disease. Is it contagious.? What is that kind of disease…..Michael Jackson have the same disease but he treated well. Will they be back to normal>

  2. Thanks for your comment Patty. what you have observe is right. that man is having skin disease. it be cured there. you can contact me if you have any other questions. Thanks again

  3. Dera respected reader i belong very poor familf problem is that when my son born he is without of kidney i also belong poor countery please healp us and tell me as soon as possble thank you

  4. Dear Dhirendra,

    I just happened to hear about the Matar from a person I didn’t know before. After that my search for any thread for the same in the internet landed me on to your page .

    Well, I basically am from Kerala and I work in Dubai . I have the problem of Vitiligo for the past 12 years ,though it is not that spread to the extend it would have been ,considering the age of the problem . I will be on vacation in this March and I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me more about the Matar and its treatment on Vitiligo .

    I have been under various treatments until now ,varying from Homoepathy , Ayurveda and sort of stuffs ,with out much success . What kind of treatment do they offer there ? Is there any chances of reappearance of it ,once it starts its disappearance after a short term treatment ? In fact many a medicines are there in the market which you feel like do the magic and after a short while you will be shocked to see its re emergence in the very same areas . I think you can very well understand my feelings . Please do let me know more about it .

    As I said before ,I will be home just for a month and the time to reach Vadodara and from there my house in Kerala back will eat away a week from this short span of time . That is the main reason why I am sending you a detailed mail so that I can schedule everything in advance .

    Awaits your detailed reply on the same .

    Thank you so much in advance .

    Best Regards / Amjad

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